Missouri SuperMileage Challenge

2015 Challenge Tuesday, April 14th.


10th Annual Missouri SuperMileage Challenge

Join us for this year's 10th Annual Missouri SuperMileage Challenge. This is a growing event with schools all over Missouri participating this year. Students compete in designing and building a safe vehicle that can achieve the highest fuel mileage possible.

The Challenge is open to all Missouri Schools and all disciplines including Math, Science, Engineering and Technology Education.


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9th Annual Missouri SuperMileage Challenge a Wonderful Success


See the 2009 photos and video provided by Dick Kahoe of UCM. They are wonderful!
7th Annual MSMC promotional video
by Dick Kahoe of UCM.

The Missouri Supermileage Challenge is a product of the Missouri Supermileage Association (MSMA). MSMA is a 501c3 organization.

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