Missouri SuperMileage Challenge

2014 Challenge Tuesday, April 15th.


9th Annual Missouri SuperMileage Challenge

Join us for this year's 8th Annual Missouri SuperMileage Challenge. This is a growing event with schools all over Missouri participating this year. Students compete in designing and building a safe vehicle that can achieve the highest fuel mileage possible.

The Challenge is open to all Missouri Schools and all disciplines including Math, Science, and Technology Education.

7th Annual MSMC promotional video by Dick Kahoe of UCM.

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7th Annual Missouri SuperMileage Challenge a Wonderful Success

The 2012 Missouri SuperMileage Challenge featured 8 schools and 10 cars. All 10 cars qualified through inspection making it a succesful trip for everyone. The weather was just beautiful. Bright and sunny with very little wind. Ouch! I should have brought my sunscreen.

Aurora Middle School took top honors this year with an average of 352.5893 mpg. School of the Osage took top honors in the experimental class averaging 251.0725 mpg with a pure diesel car.

1st Place - Aurora Middle School - 352.5893 MPG average - Best run of 390.18 MPG
2nd Place - Washington HS - 246.9797 MPG average - Best run of 274.20 MFG
3rd Place - Marshall HS - 134.6593 MPG average - Best run of 141.78 MPG

See the 2009 photos and video provided by Dick Kahoe of UCM. They are wonderful!

The Missouri Supermileage Challenge is a product of the Missouri Supermileage Association (MSA). MSA is a 501c3 organization.

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